AP courses not offered at your High School?

It is common for High Schools to have AP (Advanced Placement) courses these days but there are still some High Schools which do not offer this program to the students. Many students may think that they will be at a disadvantage if they lack AP courses on their transcript, however, college admissions experts say otherwise.

College admission application is evaluated within the context of the applicant's school, which means if an applicant is from a school which provides few or no AP classes, it will not act as a disadvantage against them.

How will I prepare for college level courses if AP courses are not available at my school?

What can you do when AP courses are not offered at your school?

There are many things you can do to prepare yourself even if AP courses are not offered at your school.

1. Honor courses.

Honor classes are common for many classes. While they may not be as challenging as AP courses, if the school does not provide AP courses, it will set the difference between students who have taken the regular course and the honor courses.

2. Dual enrollments.

Dual enrollment is a program which allows high school students to enroll in college courses for credit prior to the high school graduation. Although it will not affect GPA, it can serve as a great opportunity for you to experience college level courses.

3. Learn AP courses on your own.

Some organizations offer self-study AP courses online though one would have to be motivated in order to follow along the rigorous course by themselves.

Even if AP courses aren't offered at your school, it won't affect your college admission as it will be evaluated within the scope of your school so do not worry about admissions. However, it is a good idea to proactively seek for higher level courses to prepare yourself for university level courses.

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