This is a question frequently asked by students who are planning on advancing onto college level studies. Many of the college admission departments say they look for GPA more than SAT, however, these same departments take SAT scores heavily into consideration when overlooking candidates. What is the reason for denying the fact that they look into SAT scores more than GPA?

One reason is that GPA is relative to the school you have attended. Not every teacher's grading process is the same. It is a known fact that "easier" classes exist. For example, a teacher in Ohio may be more lenient than the teacher in Virginia, so an "A" in Ohio may equal to "B" in Virginia of the same class. On the other side, SAT is a standardized test in which every student in the nation takes, so the results are compared with everyone in the nation.

Also since SAT is a test on the intellect of students, it is most likely that college admission departments may let go of the less than desirable grades if the candidate has high SAT score. However, this does not mean that GPA is not necessary in college admission. GPA can tell that you are diligent and you stay on top of the work you are given with the ability to understand the materials you are given.

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